Clothes Bank Assistant

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Clothes Bank Volunteer Task Description Role: Clothes Bank Assistant

Responsible to: Foodbank Project Manager and Management

Time Commitment: 2 - 6 hours per week

Task Description:

  • Ensure all procedures are followed.
  • Receive Clothing donations from members of the public and thank them
  • Ensure that incoming stock is checked and sorted.
  • Sort clothing into types, removing any items that are damaged and weighing these out separately
  • Ensure that Clothing is checked weekly and rotated as required
  • Notify the project manager when Clothes stock is low so that appeals can be made for these items
  • Keep clothing area and shop floor clean and tidy at all times, checking for evidence of pests and notifying the project manager if there are any concerns
  • Prepare clothing for the shop floor.
  • Carry out tasks under the guidance of the session leader and report any health and safety or safeguarding concerns to the project manager/session leader
  • Report any health & safety or safeguarding concerns to the project manager